Athlete partnerships

DK Metcalf

Football Player

"The #FueledByQuorn campaign is right for me because what I put into my body is everything to me, as it translates to how I play on the field -which is why it’s imperative I eat the healthiest and best food I can. Ever since I started playing ball I’ve been extremely cognizant and calculated over what I put into my body. After much research, it’s evident Quorn shares the same values and beliefs as I do, so this was a natural fit."

Getting to know DK

How do you see yourself prepping for big games with Quorn? 

My chef, Sarah, has already incorporated Quorn into my meals nights before big workouts. I already see her doing the same before big games, and genuinely believe it’ll help me perform better on Sundays. 

What are 3 things you do every day to take care of your overall health? 

Workout, get a good night's sleep, eat Quorn!

How important do you think diet is to a prolonged career in football? 

Diet is everything. What you put in your body and the choices you make year round will 100% affect your play on the field, which is why I feel extremely comfortable and confident eating Quorn, because I know it’ll only help my performance on Sunday.

DK’s favorite Quorn product & recipe