Athlete partnerships

Emily Sonnett

Soccer Player

"The #FueledByQuorn campaign is right for me because I like to cook and eating meat every night weighs me down. Quorn has a massive cook book online that helps me keep it fresh."

Getting to know Emily

Why is reducing meat important to you?

I’ve tried to go vegan/meatless but haven’t found it sustainable –not enough options, difficulty coming up with meals, etc., but Quorn has made that much easier.

How do you see yourself prepping for big matches with Quorn?

Cooking helps keep me relaxed. I love cooking after training and the night before big matches, when I’m able. I love cooking on the grill so the Quorn patties are an easy option.

What are 3 things that you do every day to take care of your overall health?

Walk my dog, have a coffee and cook.

Emily’s favorite Quorn product & recipe