Athlete partnerships

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

MMA Fighter

"The #FueledByQuorn campaign is right for me because I am a professional athlete and I compete at the best level so it’s important to fill my body with healthy proteins. Quorn does this best!"

Getting to know Joanna

Why is reducing meat important to you?

I eat less and less meat than I used to. There are so many farms that use antibiotics and other bad things in the animals that we eat, so I prefer a great alternative.

How important do you think diet is to a prolonged career in your sport?

Diet is extremely important in our lives, not only if you are a professional athlete but in general. People should think more about a good diet and what is good for both your physical and mental health. If you fill your body with the right ingredients you can work harder, longer and be more effective. A good diet can help prolong careers and achieve your goals!

Do you like to cook, or do you usually eat ready-made meals? With that in mind, what is your “specialty” meal to cook and how would you integrate Quorn?

I love to cook, it’s in my blood from Poland. We have very rich cuisine. However, as an athlete I need to be careful with my diet so I use Quorn prior to big fights due to the convenience and knowing it’s good for my body!

Joanna’s favorite Quorn product & recipe