Athlete partnerships

Katie Zaferes


"The #FueledByQuorn campaign is a good fit for me because Quorn is an awesome meat substitute that has a high protein content with a low fat content. Quorn allows me to sustain high physical activity and recovery while Quorn helps with sustainability of the environment."

Getting to know Katie

Do you like to cook? What is your “specialty” meal to cook and how would you integrate Quorn?

I like to cook, but my cooking is very dependent on ease and simplicity. One of the things that I love about Quorn is how easy and quick it is to make. When I need inspiration, I go to the Quorn website and scroll to the recipes that take the least amount of time to make. I’ve loved trying out new things and realizing how little energy it takes to make and how tasty the recipes are to eat.

What is something that surprised you about Quorn when you first tried it?

How great it tasted and then everything it is doing in the scope of environmental sustainability. The first time I had it was with friends in the UK. I had no idea what it was, but it was delicious, and it got the green light from my nutritionist. Then I continued to learn about Quorn and the impact they are having on the environmental sustainability really resonated with me to try and do better. Meat has been a large part of my diet for a long time. However, Quorn has me reflecting on my ways of eating so that I can be sure I’m getting enough of the nutrients I need to perform and recover, while also giving our environment a break.

How has your diet changed over the years?

My diet has changed over the years to be a lot more mindful of the things I am putting in my body. I still have treats and I still eat meat, but I now have a wider variation in my diet and my meat intake is less. I look at my eating as primarily fueling my body to do the things I want it to do. So in that way I’ve changed a lot of my diet based on timing of when I eat certain things to be the best source of energy or recovery, pending what I need at the time. Another change that I have made is realizing that protein doesn’t necessarily mean meat and that I can have protein in my diet in other forms such as Quorn.

Katie’s favorite Quorn product & recipe