Athlete partnerships

Lexie Brown

Basketball Player

"#FueledByQuorn is a great campaign for me because it promotes a healthy lifestyle without feeling restricted! I have so long been trying to find a routine that would work for me and Quorn fits in perfectly."

Getting to know Lexie

How important do you think diet is to a prolonged career in your sport?

Diet and exercise is KEY to longevity. I knew that, but didn’t believe in it until recently. I am still early in my career, but over the last 3-4 months I have completely transformed by body. Huge thanks to an adjustment to my diet. I am about to start year 3 and this is the best I have ever felt physically and mentally. Excited to see how it translates!

What is something that surprised you about Quorn when you first tried it?

I was shocked at how delicious it was. I am always hesitant trying “meatless” meat. You never know how it is going to taste, but I loved it instantly! It doesn’t lack anything and you really can't even tell the difference.

What role does nutrition play in your daily life? How do you make sure you’re eating balanced meals?

Nutrition is HUGE in my life. I have learned that what works for some people will not always work for me. It has been a really stressful, yet fulfilling process for me. I try to eat as balanced as possible, but being on the move all the time makes it hard sometimes. I have developed a pretty solid discipline of myself and my eating choices. Reward myself when I feel like I earned it. It is never about depriving myself from the things I want. It’s all about balance!

Lexie’s favorite Quorn product & recipe