Athlete partnerships

Monte Morris

Basketball Player

"The #FueledByQuorn campaign is a good fit for me because it reflects my passion in regard to sustainability.  Like Quorn I too am a natural product."

Getting to know Monte

Why is reducing meat important to you?

Reducing meat is important to me because I feel a lot better energy wise after laying off of meat. Quorn has been a great resource for me.  

How important do you think diet is to a prolonged career in your sport?

Dieting helps extend your career in any sport as your body is your money maker. For me, I want to play if I can so it's important for me to consume the right foods.

What is something that surprised you about Quorn when you first tried it? 

I was surprised that it wasn’t meat. The first time I tried the nuggets I was told they were chicken nuggets. I had to do a double take so that amazed me.

Monte’s favorite Quorn product & recipe