Athlete partnerships

Rose Lavelle

Soccer Player

"The #FueledByQuorn campaign is right for me because I care about finding different ways to feed my body with a variety of nutrient rich foods. I also like ‘easy’ and healthy, so yea."

Getting to know Rose

How do you see yourself prepping for big matches with Quorn?

I’m able to find easy to prepare protein alternatives after training to refuel and the night before games without much hassle. 

How important do you think diet is to a prolonged career in your sport?

It’s a huge part of the equation. Nutrition and diet play a massive role in recovery and preparation.

How has your diet changed over the years?

I used to eat like crap. I needed to get stronger. My nutritionist added (much) more protein to my diet. I’ve understood that keeping my body fed correctly allows me to perform better and I anticipate it will allow me to have a longer career. 

Rose’s favorite Quorn product & recipe