Frequently Asked Questions

What are Quorn™ products made from?
All Quorn™ products are made with Mycoprotein, a healthy meat-free form of high quality protein that is also a good source of dietary fiber. It is naturally low in fat and saturated fat.
What is Mycoprotein?
Mycoprotein is the ingredient common to all Quorn™ products. Mycoprotein is a healthy meat-free form of high quality protein and is also a good source of dietary fiber. It is naturally low in fat and saturated fat.
Are Quorn™ products healthy?
Yes. The Mycoprotein used to make Quorn™ foods is a good source of quality protein and dietary fiber, has little to no cholesterol and is low in fat - especially saturated fat. Quorn™ foods are also satisfying. In addition to their strong nutritional profile, Quorn™ foods have a lower energy density compared to their meat equivalents. They are believed to have a positive effect on satiety, so you feel full on fewer calories. Feeling satisfied with few calories may lead to less food intake and easier weight management.
How do I cook Quorn™ foods?
Quorn™ is so easy to use. Quorn™ foods can be cooked using an oven, grill, stove or microwave. They can be prepared in a similar fashion to the way you do meat and poultry, but often in much quicker time. They're delicious, tasty and easy to prepare. Click on the cooking made easy page for more tips...
Can I use Quorn™ as part of my weight controlled diet?
Yes you can. Many Quorn™ products are low in fat and low in saturated fat. So you can enjoy your favorite meals with less calories and lower fat.
Is Quorn™ a suitable alternative to meat for my vegetarian teenager?
The main ingredient in Quorn™ is Mycoprotein, which is a high quality meat free protein. It has all the essential amino acids you'd find in others proteins like beef or chicken.
Is Quorn™ low in Saturated fat?
Many Quorn™ products are low in saturated fat.
Why are certain Quorn™ products not available in some stores?
Unfortunately, we can not influence any individual stores to stock our products. Instead, we can only make recommendations to each Head Office that they do so. If you continue having difficulty in obtaining Quorn™ products we suggest that you contact the manager at your local store and make your request to them directly.
In which countries are Quorn™ products available?
Quorn™ products are currently available in the UK, USA, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia.
Are Quorn™ products suitable for a Halal (Muslim Religion) Diet?
A number of our products have been approved by the Halal Food Authority in the UK.
Are Quorn™ products suitable for a Kosher (Jewish Religon) Diet?
At the present time we cannot claim Kosher status for any Quorn™ products. Consultations with Kosher certification schemes in the UK have indicated that Mycoprotein is almost certainly Kosher, however we do not currently hold certification for Kosher status.
Are Quorn™ products suitable for a Vegan Diet?
No. Since all Quorn™ products with exception of the Vegan Burger contain a small amount of egg white, and most also contain milk ingredients, they are not suitable for vegans.
How many Quorn™ products are there?
There are over 100 different Quorn™ products to choose from world wide. In the US there are 15 products available.
What is your postal address?
Our address is: Consumer Care, Marlow Foods Ltd, Station Road, Stokesley, North Yorks TS9 7AB, United Kingdom
Does Quorn™ produce Vegan products?
There is a Vegan product offered in the US – The Vegan Burger – and Quorn™ is engaged in development of further Vegan products in the future.
Does Quorn have “Generally Recognised as safe” (GRAS) status in the US?
We have been made aware of a lawsuit filed against the USA Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that references mycoprotein, an ingredient in Quorn products. We are not able to comment on the details of the lawsuit itself, but can confirm that the comments made in regards to mycoprotein, are wholly inaccurate, misleading and unsubstantiated.  Quorn products have been available since 1985 with more than 3 billion meals enjoyed in 15 different countries. Quorn is a safe, well tolerated food, and has been classified as such by the world’s most stringent food safety regulators, including the FDA, the Food Standards Agency, Health Canada and the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand.