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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Quorn is a brand name of frozen foods. Quorn products' main ingredient is Mycoprotein - a nutritionally healthy protein source that is naturally low in saturated fat and high in fiber. Quorn products have the taste, appearance, and texture of meat, perfect if you want meat free meals or are thinking of creating healthier versions of your favorite everyday meals.
Quorn products' main ingredient is Mycoprotein which is a nutritionally healthy protein source from the fungi family like a truffle or morel. Mycoprotein is made naturally through fermentation in a similar way to the fermentation of yeast in bread. Unlike other meat alternatives, there's no strong aftertaste, and Quorn products are great at absorbing the flavors used in cooking, making for great tasting meals. For more accurate information about Quorn visit www.quornfacts.com
Yes! Quorn is a great addition to any healthy diet and lifestyle. Quorn products are low in fat, high in fiber, and a healthy source of protein. Quorn helps reduce meat consumption, supports heart health, aids weight management, and is easy on the environment. Our products replicate the taste and texture of meat but with fewer calories, fat, and cholesterol.

Quorn products can be found nationally in most retailers like Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Walmart, Target, Publix, and Albertsons, as well as in various independent natural retailers in your area.

Quorn Foods vehemently denies the claims and allegations made in a recent product-packaging suit filed in California. 

We take great care to meticulously list the ingredients in each of our meat alternative products. This is why our packaging contains some of the most descriptive language of any food product on the market today. 

As a company, we strive to be as transparent as possible regarding our labeling. To this end, we’re not only fully compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, we exceed the Agency’s standards by providing additional information regarding the contents of our products.

Quorn Foods recently celebrated the successful delivery of over three billion meals in 16 countries across the globe. We have been in business for over 30 years because of our attention to detail, and our commitment to making nutritious, great-tasting foods that are safe to eat and sustainable for our environment. 

We regret that Ms. Birbrower claims to have been unhappy with her purchase. But we will continue to stand behind our products, and intend to strongly defend the company against these misguided assertions.

You may have noticed a few US newspaper reports related to a recent Clear Food consumer guide “The Hotdog report”. The report used a DNA sequencing workflow to identify that “4 of the 21 vegetarian samples we tested had hygienic issues” and that “10% of vegetarian products contained meat”. At no point was Quorn mentioned in this report, and as we have not been contacted by Clear Food, we have no reason to believe that Quorn was implicated in the report findings. Quorn is a Meat Free and Soy Free brand. The main ingredient in all Quorn products is Mycoprotein which is a healthy source of protein derived from fungi through a fermentation process.

Quorn products are good for 21 months in your freezer given that they're frozen and properly handled without thawing. Quorn's newer products should have a "best-by" date on them, however if you're looking for the expiration date of a Quorn product and don't see this, you can use the printed date code to determine whether or not the product has expired.

Printed on the pack, you'll find a date code that should be 10 digits long. For example: 2651031415

26 = is the plant code

5 - the last digit of the year (2015)

103 = the Julian date (the 103rd day of the year = April 13th)

1415 = military time/24 hour clock = 2:15 pm

This product was made April 13, 2015 at 2:15 pm.

One of the main reasons that Quorn was developed was to be part of the solution to a growing global population's increasing demand for protein. Livestock is a very inefficient source of protein which is why eating Quorn products instead of meat is a more sustainable option. For example, the carbon footprint of Quorn Meatless & Soy Free Grounds is up to 90% less than that of beef, so Quorn products are better for you and better for the planet.

Cases of allergic reactions to Quorn products are extremely rare, however it is difficult to speak to your individual situation. The protein ingredient in Quorn products, Mycoprotein, is a member of the fungi family, like a truffle or morel and is high in protein and fiber, which may cause intolerance in some people.

All Quorn products meet vegetarian dietary standards. There are currently four Vegan products available in the USA: Vegan Chik'n Tenders, Vegan Chik'n Cutlets, Vegan Breaded Cutlets, Vegan Spicy Chik'n Patty, and Vegan Burger. These four vegan products are meatless, egg & dairy-free. All other Quorn products contain a small amount of egg white. 

The use of eggs helps deliver the great texture of Quorn products. Egg helps bind the mycoprotein and other natural ingredients together.
All Quorn products are completely vegetarian and we're proud to say we do not use any animal rennet.

Quorn product's unique protein base, Mycoprotein, is natural and non-GMO. As a brand of vegetarian products, Quorn's mission is to not include any genetically-modified ingredients in our products. We work diligently withour ingredient suppliers to ensure this is the case.

Quorn products are all natural but are not certified organic. In the US, we meet Whole Foods Market's natural certification standards.
Quorn Chik'n Tenders, Turk'y Roast, and Naked Chik'n Cutlets are suitable for a gluten-free diet. All allergens are clearly marked on the back of each package within the ingredient declaration and allergy advice section.

Quorn Grounds are the only product which is certified Kosher and Pareve.

All allergens are clearly marked on the back of each package within the ingredient declaration and allergy advice section. It's important to know that Quorn products can contain allergens like egg, milk, and wheat. The main ingredient in Quorn products Mycoprotein is not an allergen, as defined by the FDA. However being high in protein and fiber, it may cause intolerance in some people.
At Quorn, our aim is to keep Palm Oil use to a minimum. Currently three of our products do contain palm oil - it is our aim to use only 100% segregated, sustainable palm oil by the end of 2015. We are members of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and therefore committed to working closely with our suppliers to use only sustainable sources.

All Quorn product sold in the US are manufactured on nut free sites.

The main protein ingredient in Quorn products, Mycoprotein, is a low cholesterol food and suitable for a heart-healthy diet.
Mycoprotein, the main protein found in Quorn is a complete protein, a great source of all the 8 essential amino acids.
Most of our products do not contain milk or lactose ingredients however they are manufactured in facilities which process milk and lactose ingredients. All allergens are clearly marked on the back of each pack within the ingredient declaration and allergy advice section.
Quorn has been on the market in the US since 2002 and in Europe since 1985.  It is supported as a safe food by the major regulatory bodies across the world, including the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA), who are among the world's most stringent food safety regulators.