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Quorn® is on a mission to produce delicious, sustainable foods to meet the growing protein demands of our world’s ever-expanding population. When you set out to solve a global problem, you need to do things differently. So what makes us unique?

Quorn's mycoprotein

Quorn's mycoprotein is the unique protein ingredient in all Quorn® products. It's made from a natural protein that is sourced from the Earth and fermented (like many of our favorite foods & beverages). This process creates a sustainable meat alternative that has a similar taste and texture to meat versus other plant-based proteins.

Quorn's mycoprotein is derived from an abundant natural organism called Fusarium Venenatum. It was discovered growing near the vast wheat fields in Southeast England. And despite its small size, it was found to have enormous nutritional value, low in saturated fat with no cholesterol.

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To produce the amount of Quorn's mycoprotein needed to feed millions of people, we developed a fermentation process that enables it to grow. It’s similar to the way beer and yogurt are made. We blend nutrients derived from wheat and corn with air and essential minerals to ensure every product tastes great!

Next, we add a small amount of egg white (or potato extract in our vegan products) and shape it to form. It is then frozen, giving all of our products a remarkably similar structure, texture and consistency to meat.

What happens next is up to you. Our foods can be used to make endless creations. You can grill it, sauté it, stir-fry it, bread it, bake it – whatever you desire. Just try not to burn it!

Quorn Foods

Since 1985, our core principles have been based around three simple statements: promoting healthy lifestyles, reducing our environmental impact and meeting the worldwide demand for sustainable protein.

We are proud of how far we’ve come and can’t wait for what lies ahead. As the global reach of our products grows, Quorn’s product and recipe range continues to adapt across various cultures and lifestyles. Not only is there a vegan line available, there is also a gluten-free line of Quorn products in the US.

Quorn has been producing meat free alternatives for over 35 years and have served over three billion meals since its launch. Any products that you try will help you to make a delicious, nutritional meal for you and your family to enjoy.

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