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Restaurant partnerships

Quornucopia Kitchen

Quornucopia Kitchen is a limited edition “pop-up” style restaurant featuring a menu of Quorn products created by local chefs and restaurants.

The Result: A wider variety of delicious and affordable gourmet vegan and vegetarian meals for consumers and exciting new menu items for restaurants to drive demand.

What is Quornucopia Kitchen?

The inspiration for Quornucopia Kitchen came from a desire to provide more vegan and vegetarian take-out and delivery options to consumers. Quornucopia Kitchen is a “pop-up” kitchen that shares kitchen space with existing restaurants, allowing them to more efficiently use their kitchen space and develop unique menu expansions.

Restaurants that partner with Quornucopia Kitchen get to keep the revenue earned from the pop-up, so by purchasing a meal from Quornucopia Kitchen you’ll be supporting a local small business!

Know a restaurant that would like to host a Quornucopia Pop-up?

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The Latest from Quornucopia Kitchen

Follow @QuornucopiaKitchen on Instagram to see photos of our menu items, learn more about our featured chefs and find our current location!

Why Chefs Love Cooking With Quorn

Quorn products provide great protein for you and the planet. All Quorn products are made with Quorn mycoprotein, a delicious, naturally sourced protein derived from one of Earth’s most nutrient-rich foods. This meat-free super protein has a production process that uses significantly less land and water and emits less carbon compared to real meat production.

Visit for more information about Quorn’s unique health benefits.


Quorn provides a complete source of protein that is naturally high in fiber, non-GMO and soy-free


Quorn has great flavor absorption and can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of menus


Quorn is sustainably produced and allows chefs to reduce their impact on the planet, one meal at a time

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Have a question or want to suggest a restaurant for us to partner with? You can contact us by email or through Instagram direct message.