About Quorn™

About Quorn™

Quorn™ Foods’ vision is to help consumers eat healthier and to create the world’s first $1billion meat-alternative business.

Launched nationally in the US in 2002, the brand offers a wide range of meat-alternative products, made using the proprietary technology of Mycoprotein that uniquely delivers the taste and texture of meat. Such products are useful to an increasing number of people who have chosen to reduce, replace or cut out their meat consumption, yet still want to eat a normal healthy diet. Quorn™ products are often significantly lower in saturated fat and calories than many meat equivalents and are a good source of protein and fiber too, making Quorn™ the ideal food for anyone choosing to eat healthier.

Quorn™’s origins began in the 1960s when the British Lord Rank set out to find an alternative protein source.  The solution he came up with was Mycoprotein. This was specifically developed into Quorn™, a meat alternative brand that could replicate the taste and texture of meat exceptionally well.

Today, Quorn™ Foods is an independent company focused on creating the world’s leading meat-alternative business. In 2010 Quorn™ Foods’ turnover was £128.8 million, our headquarters are in Stokesley, North Yorkshire and we employ around 600 people across three UK sites.

Quorn™ branded products are available in 10 global markets: Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Republic of Ireland, United States, Australia and the UK.

What is Quorn™?

The main constituent of Quorn™, Mycoprotein, is a naturally occurring, high quality, healthy form of protein. Quorn™ is produced using a fermentation process very similar to brewing; only we harvest the solid as opposed to the liquid. This remarkable ingredient is then used as the base for more than 100 different food products ranging from grounds to cutlets, to entrees and snacks. Unlike other non-meat protein sources, such as soy and its derivatives, Quorn™ has an ability to replicate the taste and texture of meat exceptionally well.