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Quorn Cheesy Nuggets are soy-free, naturally non-GMO, and provide an excellent source of protein. They can be prepared in the microwave in as little as 7 minutes, making meal time a breeze! Read more about our Meatless Cheesy Nuggets here.

Our Meatless Cheesy Nuggets will be available nationally at Kroger and Kroger banners including Fred Meyer, King Soopers and Ralphs with more distribution planned in the months to come. Be sure to let us know what you think by tagging us on social media!

This product expands upon Quorn’s extensive line of delicious frozen foods made with mycoprotein. Mycoprotein is a sustainably sourced super protein that is naturally high in protein and fiber and low in saturated fat. Since producing mycoprotein uses 90% less land and water than producing some animal protein sources, mycoprotein is great protein for you and the planet.