Meet ChiQin, Drew Barrymore’s Best Friend!

In this first-of-its-kind advertising campaign for Quorn, you’ll meet Drew Barrymore’s bestie, ChiQin. Watch them do all the things typical best friends do, from going shopping and watching movies to eating Quorn Meatless Nuggets.

In Quorn USA’s newest ad campaign, you will be introduced to Drew Barrymore’s best friend, ChiQin!

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“The spot was inspired by the fact that I haven’t eaten chicken in about 10 years,” explains Barrymore. “So we played into that idea; highlighting an amazing day with my best friend – ‘ChiQin’. We do all the things typical best friends would do: we jump in a cab, go shopping, watch scary movies, and of course, eat Quorn Meatless Nuggets. Since Quorn is a meat-free brand that has the best Meatless Nuggets (among many other great products) without the chicken, the spot closes with the tagline, ‘because you wouldn’t eat your best friend.’”

The ad spot will go live this month across streaming services, digital and social channels, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Click here to learn more about the partnership between Quorn USA and Drew Barrymore, the brand’s first-ever “Chief Mom Officer” (CMO).

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