Vegetarian Burrito with Quorn Grounds


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Make any night a fiesta with our quick & easy recipe for vegetarian burritos. Made with Quorn Grounds, they're packed with fresh veggies and full of flavour. Try our vegetarian burrito recipe for a family dinner everyone is sure to think is muy delicioso!

508 CalsPer serving
Serves 4
15 mins
  • 1 package of Quorn Meatless Grounds (Frozen, 12oz) or equivalent in refrigerated Grounds
  • 4 large tortillas
  • 2 teaspoons cumin
  • 1 garlic clove, grated
  • 4 tablespoons canola oil for frying
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 small red onion
  • 1 romaine lettuce
  • 2 cups grated cheese
  • 2 tbsp chopped jalapeño
  • 1/3 cup vegetarian mayonnaise
  • Salt & pepper to season
  1. Mix together the mayonnaise with chopped jalapeño.
  2. Chop the tomato, red onion and romaine lettuce.
  3. Fry the Quorn Grounds in canola oil following the cooking instructions on the package until they start to get a nice color.
  4. Add the grated garlic, cumin and seasoning then cook for an additional 2 minutes.
  5. Divide the ingredients between the tortilla wraps and roll up.
  6. Wrap carefully in foil.
  7. Cut down the middle and serve with your choice of salsa and dips!

Made with Quorn Meatless Grounds

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