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Get an inside look at how some of the best athletes in the world integrate Quorn into their diets to help them accomplish their athletic goals. See how professional football, soccer, and basketball players as well as world class fighters and triathletes are #FueledByQuorn.

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What is #FueledByQuorn?

Quorn Athletes are #FueledByQuorn in many different ways. Whether they’re looking to boost performance, reduce meat consumption, or do their part to help the environment, Quorn is their meat alternative solution to help them meet their goals.

Quorn improves athletic performance by helping to build muscle and recover from tough workouts. Studies from the University of Exeter have found that Quorn’s proprietary ingredient, Quorn's mycoprotein, builds muscle twice as fast as milk protein after a workout.

Quorn makes it easier to replace meat with a healthy, naturally sourced super protein that’s delicious and has a similar texture to the real thing.

Quorn is more sustainable and better for the environment than real meat. The carbon footprint of Quorn Meatless Grounds is more than 90% lower than that of beef.

The Benefits

Quorn products provide great protein for you and the planet. All Quorn products are made with Quorn's mycoprotein, a delicious, naturally sourced protein derived from one of Earth’s most nutrient-rich foods. This meat-free super protein has a production process that uses significantly less land and water and emits less carbon compared to real meat production. Visit for more information about Quorn’s unique health benefits.


Quorn fuels athletes by providing meatless protein that is naturally high in fiber, non-GMO and soy-free


Quorn fuels athletes by providing a complete source of protein that helps build muscle


Quorn fuels athletes by providing a way to reduce their impact on the planet, one meal at a time

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Some of our athletes' favorite recipes

Not only does Quorn fuel athletes with nutritious food that helps them reach their performance goals, it also tastes great and is easy to cook. Check out these recipes for some meatless inspiration!